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For many in this modern world, church is something which is an infrequent part of life and for some they may only go to church for the three major celebrations of life. Birth, marriage and death. However, it is also still something which deep down is a part of our culture and something we can turn to in celebration and for consolation.

Whether you are a regular member of the congregation or just want to celebrate life in the traditional way, at the centre of the community you hold dear to, St Peter’s will welcome you.

If you would like to discuss a baptism, wedding, funeral or any other event… please contact parish administrator, who can advise about how to proceed…

Contact Details

The Parish Administrator

c/o The Vicarage

Chipping Campden

GL55 6JG


It is always wonderful to welcome new lives to the church family and this is normally done at Sunday service, so not only can family celebrate the joy of a new arrival, but it can be shared with the entire church community…


For many a church wedding is a way of making the vows that undertaken even more meaningful… being an a beautiful and ancient building which has played host to so many generations of loving couples over the centuries and to celebrate with fine music and a peal of bells, makes for a moving and poignant ceremony… It is a chance to come to church and make a pledge, not only to your betrothed, but also to make to god as well.



The end of a life is both a very sad event for those remaining and yet also a chance to give thanks for happy times and the contributions made in a life well lived.

In addition to the chance of paying respects and tributes in a beloved local setting, the church can help provide support, solace and reflection as we commend a treasured soul to god.